550 m2
5 storeys
National monument

This Mansion was restored last year on behalf of – and under the brand “DeVergaderie” – with an upgrade to day-use conference rooms in the period rooms, and was provided with a residence in the upper part.

Velperbuitensingel 20 was included in the portfolio at the end of the 1990s in a deplorable condition, most recently in use as an office building with a “lowered tile ceiling” with fluorescent beams. At the start of the restoration at the time, treasures of historical value emerged behind trimmed walls and reductions in height.

Mansion in transitional architecture with elements of Art Nouveau. The object stands out because of the high-quality aesthetic qualities of the design, in particular because of the special use of materials and the ornamentation in the largely intact interior in the second floor.

As part of the 19th century canal structure of national monumental value, because the building plays a defining role due to the high building mass, rich detailing, the special bay window and its location in the visual axis of the Musislaan.